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Artist Statement


I have always been fascinated by rocks, trees, and skies. Capturing light and color are challenges that keep me engrossed in the process of painting. Seeing a watercolor scene appear before me is a thrill. I want my paintings to provide the viewer with an emotion, a feeling of place and time, a sense of intimacy and serenity.


As you have seen, one of my favorite places to paint is Star Island, in the Isles of Shoals off Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I am indebted to that place for inspiring my love of painting.




Artist Bio


I grew up in Aurora, Colorado and, as a child, drew all the time. I moved with my family to Lanham, Maryland, where I went to high school. I attended the University of Maryland in College Park, majoring in Applied Design. After graduation, I lived for a short time in Atlanta, and worked as a women’s apparel designer. In 1972, I moved to the Boston area, and continued in the garment industry, designing childrenswear. In 1995, I formed a partnership with a fellow designer, creating a freelance design studio. The two of us transitioned into home furnishings textile print design, and collaborated happily for many years. I retired from the studio in 2014, and returned to my first love: painting. I work primarily in watercolors, painting landscapes en plein air and children’s art on commission.

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